Sunday, January 16, 2011


me, grace and renee just made a longboard/skateboard. it moves like a snakeboard crossed with a longboard, has an old skateboard deck and longboard wheels and trucks (; it's the most epic thing ever.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

and she said, love don't leave;

hai yall.
yeah yeah, i went back to my old ways, ditching blogger for tumblr. i'm sorry. but it's 2011 now :O i went camping with a friend and her family for a week at matauri bay. it was rather fun ^__^

1. finally stop biting my nails.

2. use flickr and blogger more.

3. buy as many bracelets as possible, and don't get them confiscated at school.

4. go on my laptop less.

5. update my music constantly.

6. don't leave homework until the last minute.

7. concentrate more at school (specifically social studies euchh).

8. save more.

9. learn to drive, and learn the road code, in hope to get my license this year. (as long as they don't bloody change it to 16).

10. get fitter. i don't mean lose weight, i mean get fit.

hopefully i stick to them. idk though.. :P anyways, gracca (and enzo) will be here soonish. and i need to have a shower. bai. <3

Saturday, December 18, 2010

could you be ma-mine;

check out maaa flickr ? i'm new to it, so there's only a few photos. idk if i'll carry on with it but i thought i'd give it a try. anyways, i have work today. in exactly 38 minutes. but it's still rainy and cold, so don't really think it'll be too busy today. which means cleaning.. yaaay. our christmas tree smells so lovely :3 and it's started to get surrounded by presents. gahhh, :D i love christmas, it's like one of the best holidays. alroight, this was just a little blog, ima go have some food before work. payyce owt.

Friday, December 17, 2010

i fly like paper, get high like planes;

ok. so i've thought about my wishlist, and here it is;
1. THIS. gossssh i want it so bad, it used to have a buy now, then dad showed it to me, and it didn't anymore ):
so if i don't win that, i either want..
2. the new ipod touch, i have the first generation one, but now it's up to the fourth. damn you apple for upgrading so much and making mine feel in-superior.
3. money. (:

now that's only for my main present, i will hopefully get one of those three. for my other pressieeees i would like..

1. polaroid film. oh yes, anskfhbasd.
2. film for all my other film cameras.
3. maybe another polaroid camera.
4. a NOH8 item e.g the equality bracelet, the dog tag, or the plain old NOH8 bracelet.
5. anything else that's cool really, i quite like some surprises ^__^

hear your voice, saying my name, it sounds so sweeet;

my cellular device has really really low battery at this time in the present. but i'm in the lounge, and my charger is in my room. so it'll just have to pass out. << aint i cool ? lol jk. i know pretty much nobody reads my blog, but i really don't care. this is going to be the place where i let everything out. maybe. (: today is the 18th of december, and it's raining. i woke up at around six o'clock this morning because there was thunder and lightning. k honestly wtf, it's supposed to be freaking summer. it's like six days until christmas ! summmmmer. gar. on a lighter note, it is six days until christmas ^__^ and i still have absolutely no idea what i want. crap, i really better decide soon.. i might work on a wish list today. i went christmas shopping yesterday ! i feel like some nutella toast. omnom, kbye.

you think i'm pretty, without any makeup on;

hello, well i deleted all my posts as i want to start fresh. i'm still not happy with how my blog looks but whatever. i guess i better introduce myself. my name is scarlett, i'm a 14 year old girl from new zealand. i live in a little beachy town on the north shore, and i actually love it. my best friends are amazing. as much as i love hanging out with them and other people i also love just chilling at home relaxing. i love summer just as much as i love rainy days. i get hot and cold really easily which pisses me off. i like to steal my friends' clothes (; i love my nephew. photography is my passion, and old cameras are just 'fsdnjknd' to me. i'm addicted to tumblr. and i'm trying to limit the amount of time i go on my computers per day. it's not really working. i like reading good books, which sometimes makes me get called a nerd. school bores me, but i love it and hate it at the same time. i prefer creative subjects, and i love doing experiments in science. one day i am going to travel all over the world, learn my own geography. i hate how every girl my age wants to be a photographer. they say it, but don't do anything about it. what is the point in that. i can ramble a lot. i love old music just as much as mainstream. i hate when people say 'that song is so old'. anyways, that's enough about me for now. although this information is just random facts and tid bits of my life. enjoy my blog, s'laters. :3